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" Little Hands"

"Little hands that reach towards the sky,
watching, waiting, always asking me why...
curious about such things as this and that,
constantly smiling, and wanting to chat,
pointing in disbelief, and wondering too,
about what it does, and what it can do...
"Why the sky blue, daddy?" or "Why is the
grass always green?"
and I would try to explain what everything means,
but he would just shake his head, laugh,
and smile...
skipping and hopping and playing all the while.
I look down and see his eyes sparkle with light,
and I catch him up quick and hug him with
all my might. As I hold him I imagine the day he would
be gone from my sight. A day I dread each morning light.
So i take each moment as if it's my last. I cherish each second
that I have. As i reflect on those days he reached up with his little hands
I hope that he would still let me love him the same as he becomes a man."


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