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The day I saw you  was too much to bear
how cold were your hands in the hot air
there no right how God can be unfair
when I could do nothing but watch you lie there.
I couldn't believe that you were gone,
So I watched and waited to see you move
To see if you can push one final time to stay
But you didn't did you? You left without me saying goodbye
And so I cried cause I couldn't be there to see you close your eyes
to hear your heart slow to a pause, to hear the last breath taken.
 I sit here looking at you laid there in front of me, Motionless
Unmoved.. I won't see you smile, I won't hear you laugh
I won't feel your strong embrace when I came by.
All that is gone isn't it? I lost you for good and there is no coming back.
How wrong can that be? what life can we live when our hopes are faded to black.
My Heart broke to badly when I had to let you go.. I couldn't stop crying while I was
hugging you so.  I never felt pain to severe till that fateful day.
you were taken away without a second chance. So what could I do now?
I spent so much time waiting for this day that I didn't even know how to respond.
and I knew they would take you away and soon I would never see your face again.
So I hugged you so hard! and cried so many tears. Cause I knew this was the end
of a partnership engraved in life, and I live with regret not knowing Why?
Why I couldn't get one last chance to tell you Goodbye. What is the reason for
hope when you can't say a few words to someone who will be left in time.
I guess it's just how life is meant to be seen. Uncontrolled sorrow showers over me
as I struggle with the thought that I missed you go from this life by a few moments time
Minutes that will echo threw time.. A guilt that I hold inside.


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