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Middle of Nowhere

Shadows shift as the light of the day goes by,
cool winds push against my face as I look up toward the sky
Looking for a place to hide, a destination hidden in plane sight
wandering threw the streets trying to get ahold of something true,
a wonder that will makes sense of this world I walk
A place that doesn't make you feel so used.
So each step leads to places never seen before
A constint flux of emotions engulf me whole
" Where did I turn wrong?" I whisper to myself
Convince I am being lead to far from home
So I get a shiver threw my body, could I have gotten lost?
Or did I  just walk away from all the hardships I known.
What is to happen now? do I just keep walking?  If I do where do I go?
Who can answer all my questions! Do I seek God or find Religion 
There is no sand marks to follow
Nor is there any light leading to the right direction.
I guess I will have to admit I am abandoned and alone. and no one will seek me out
 so  I choice to just sit on this endless road. and no matter how i fair
I am going to just stay here in the middle of nowhere.



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